We Are Here To Serve You

At Rhizo Sciences, we specialize in providing a streamlined path to get involved in the cannabis business, whether you are working with oils, cannabis extract, or the flower itself. With the intricate process of joining the cannabis industry, we understand the requirements and challenges you may face to bring your product to market while also ensuring your product is up to standards for the consumers. We offer a wide range of consulting services in addition to creating full package turnkey systems, making it easier than ever to produce, brand, and distribute the products you are working on regardless of the type of cannabis items you create.

Our Crazy Skills

Product Formulation 95
CO2 Extraction 95
Compliance and Training 85
CO2 Extraction Training 75

Our Valuable Team Members

JT Khuu
JT KhuuCEO and CO Founder
Justin is a cannabis business consultant and the founder of Rhizo sciences. Justin helps Cannabis entrepreneurs to create high performance businesses. With 7 years experience Justin consults on growth systems, processing and refinement, increasing yields by up to 70% while reducing labor hours. While working with clients to develop high grade CO2 extraction system, Justin recognised the need for effective CO2 oil refinement laboratories that were affordable and practical for small to medium sized growers, wholesalers and dispensaries.
Justin founded Rhizo sciences to bring turnkey CO2 extraction within the reach of entrepreneurs who want to create their own line of branded Vape cartridges or other high grade products.
Justin is happiest helping cannabis entrepreneurs design systems that save them time, improve their profits, and find real freedom in their business.
Dallas McMillan
Dallas McMillanChief Strategy Officer
Dallas McMillan is a qualified veterinarian with extensive expertise in strategic and marketing consulting. With a background including clinical practice, laboratory research, brand strategy and business development, Dallas provides a unique multidisciplinary approach to the cannabis industry.
His strong communication skills and extensive network has attracted cannabis industry leaders to become clients, partners and investors with Rhizo Sciences.
Saan Saelee
Saan Saelee Chief Science Officer
Saan Saelee is an Associate Scientist coming from the biopharmaceutical industry with over a decade of experience in biological laboratory sciences. He has a background in Clinical Immunotherapy, Cellular Therapy, Clinical Stem Cell Therapy, process/drug development and Cytogenetics analysis. His education and experience has exquisitely transferred into the Cannabis industry. He has since developed several unique extraction and purification strategies and also formulated CBD products such as topicals, CBD Capsules and tinctures. His background allows him to design and build out pharmaceutical grade laboratories, develop products and train staff to cGMP standards.