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Wholesale Premium High CBD Hemp Supplier

Rhizo Sciences buys, sells, brokers and distributes High CBD hemp in North America and Internationally.

Separately, in legal medical cannabis markets, we supply high CBD medical Cannabis strains.

High CBD Medical Hemp vs Industrial Hemp

Over the last few years, medical cannabis growers, researchers and clinicians have developed new strains of high cannabinoid cannabis which meet the criteria for “Industrial Hemp”.

Legally, hemp is derived as cannabis plants with less than 0.3% THC. Industrial hemp meets this criteria, but has very low cannabinoid levels overall – often around 2%. As a result it is a poor source of medicines, and extracting medicinally active compounds also extracts other pigments, waxes or toxins in the hemp.

These new strains of medical cannabis combine the benefits of medical cannabis (high cannabinoids, rich terpene profiles, large flowers, and heavy yields) with the ability to cultivate outdoor under industrial hemp licensing.

As a result, the United States now has an enormous medical hemp industry – where low THC medical cannabis plants can be legally grown as industrial hemp for medicines.

The law is complex and nuanced, so not all (or any) medical hemp is 100% legal but the industry flourishes nonetheless, and the United States has the best quality high CBD hemp flower in the world, with dozens of strains boasting CBD concentrations of 10% or more, even up to 20%+.

Smokeable High CBD Hemp Buds

This exceptional quality product produces such high quality flower that it is smoked much like cannabis – giving the appeal and benefits of marijuana but with near-zero THC. This product is in growing demand internationally, particularly in Switzerland where high CBD Hemp cannabis cigarettes are legal providing they have less than 1% ThC.

High CBD Hemp for Cannabis Oil Extraction

The most popular use for High CBD Hemp is to process into hemp-derived CBD oil for medicines.

High CBD Cannabis Oil from 10%+ flower can be 50%+ CBD, typically with low levels of THC (but note, these are sometimes over the 0.3% required by law in the USA.)

High CBD Hemp for Distillate

Cannabis oil can be further purified to concentrate CBD and remove THC. Hemp-derived CBD distillate typically contains around 75%+ CBD and ideally has >0.3% THC. Zero THC High CBD hemp is also available at a premium price.

High CBD Hemp for Isolate

High CBD hemp is also ideal for making CBD isolate. Hemp extractors love high CBD hemp with >10% CBD because it means they can extract more CBD in less time in smaller facilities.
Much of the CBD isolate on the market doesn’t come from high CBD hemp though, because it’s a bit of a waste. High CBD hemp is rich in other cannabinoids, terpenes and other medically beneficial compounds, which may be wasted when producing isolate. As a result, isolate is often produced from industrial hemp which cannot produce the same quality oil or distillate.

High CBD Hemp Crop close to harvest in Oregon, USA