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Wholesale CBD Enquiry

Rhizo Sciences sources hemp and CBD products in markets where production and sale are legal.

We specialise in large scale wholesale supply, and operate in North America and internationally.

If you are a qualified buyer or authorised agent seeking bulk hemp biomass, crude or winterised oil, distillate, or isolate, please complete this form to lodge a purchase enquiry and our sales team will be in contact.

Note: if you aren’t a qualified buyer or their authorised agent we probably can’t sell to you. All approved enquiries are fast tracked to attorney-attorney for PoF (Proof of Funds), PoP (Proof of Product) and deal terms.

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  • Wholesale CBD Product Enquiry

    Tell us more about your wholesale product needs
    Note: this prevents us duplicating enquiries
    Note: We can only work with QUALIFIED buyers. Qualification = BANT
    Budget - You have the necessary funds to purchase and can prove it.
    Authority - You are the buyer or authorised representative who can execute the deal
    Need - You have a credible need and can demonstrate where the product is going
    Timing - You are ready to purchase now.

    If you don't meet these criteria yet, you are welcome to submit an initial enquiry but we can't sell to you, introduce you to our laboratory teams or give you final pricing until you have proof of funds.