CBD Hemp Extraction

Rhizo Sciences is a medical cannabis and hemp company based in Seattle, Washington. Our leadership team have deep expertise in the cannabis industry and have developed cannabis cultivation, extraction and distribution businesses from inception to profit.

Our focus is on large scale extraction and distribution of food grade and pharmaceutical grade cannabis products such as purified CBD from hemp and full spectrum oil products from cannabis, all processed using food grade solvents and equipment. Our focus on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality assurance has resulted in us working mostly on international cannabis projects – often developing the first companies and facilities in a new nation, so we are used to working directly with government regulators and sovereign nation interests.

Our portfolio of successful client projects includes companies in the USA, Africa, and New Zealand, and are increasingly approached by government and industry groups worldwide to assist in hemp/cannabis industry development due to our strong focus large scale projects.

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We have partnered with America’s premier supercritical CO2 extraction and purification companies to develop large scale hemp processing facilities able to extraction 100,000s of pounds of hemp per month as required by large cooperatives and farms.We also have a full suite of specialist hemp genetics, cultivation and equipment partners to help new hemp growers to invest in the equipment and capital expenses required to grow, harvest and store their crops prior to extraction – an area many hemp growers fail to budget for (with disastrous results). The hemp industry has undergone massive growth in the last 2 years and we have prepared Rhizo Sciences to be a strategic partner and solutions provider for serious investment and cultivation groups.