CBG Hemp Flower

CBG (Cannabigerol) Rich Hemp Flower

CBG Hemp Flower is the flowering tops or “buds” of  hemp plants rich in CBG, Cannabigerol – often called the “Stem Cell” cannabinoid.

CBG Hemp flower is an exciting new addition to the hemp flower space. 2019 has seen the widespread planting, harvesting and processing of CBG Hemp Cultivars producing Cannabigerol as the primary cannabinoid.

CBG Hemp Flower Uses

CBG Hemp can be used for production of hemp and CBG products.

2019 has seen the large scale production of high CBG hemp flowers for the first time, so we can expect to see a full range of CBG products to complement current CBD offerings.

Because CBG flower features very low THC levels, they are even more friendly to legal cultivation, processing and distribution of flower, extracts and finished products.

CBG Hemp Flower Extraction for Medicinal Use

CBG Extracts are a growing sector, with CBG oil often often touted as “the next CBD oil”.

Initial impressions suggest CBG has comparable and possibly superior benefits to CBD for a range of uses, but the science is still at a very early stage so we will learn more soon.

CBG Hemp Flower Extracts

Most CBG Hemp Flower is extracted to produce CBG Oil, CBG Distillate, CBG Isolate and a range of other products.

CBG Hemp Flower Uses

Premium CBG Flower is able to be used direct as a medicinal herb – CBG is showing significant promise and reportedly feels great to consume, without being intoxicating.

Common methods of consumption of herbs such as

  • Herbal Tea – CBG Hemp can be used as a herbal tea, mixing it with hot water.
  • Vaporising – CBG Hemp flower can be vaporised like CBD Hemp flower or medical cannabis.
  • Smoking – CBG Hemp flower can be smoked like CBD flower or medical cannabis.
  • Making CBG topicals such as creams
  • For use in making CBG edibles and cooking

The best quality of CBG flower flower for this has been grown and cultivated to medicinal cannabis standards, ideally to a GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) quality standard and with full product integrity from seed to sale.

This generally involves hand harvesting, controlled drying and curing processes and trimming to retain potency, flavour, medicinal value and consistency.

Smokeable CBG Hemp Flower

Smokeable CBG Flower refers to CBG hemp where the buds have been trimmed and prepared for consumption via a herbal tea, vaporisation or smoking as above.

This should produce a comparable quality flower to CBD hemp flower or medical cannabis flower.

CBG flower is very delicate compared to CBD hemp, so producing a quality crop is highly dependant on harvesting and processing expertise and processes.

CBG Hemp Biomass

CBG Hemp Biomass refers to whole plants of CBG Hemp. In the USA in 2019 most CBG cultivars had excellent potency and flower mass, so even biomass can have up to 15% CBG.

CBG Hemp Biomass is currently much rarer and in high demand this year, but we can expect to see much more of this new, previously rare cannabinoid moving forward.

CBG Hemp Flower Harvest

CBG Hemp Flower Harvest occurs at a similar time and is performed with similar methods to CBD flower harvest. In the USA, most high CBG hemp was harvested in October.

CBG Hemp Flower Processing

CBG Hemp Flower Special Considerations

CBG Hemp trichomes seem to be much more delicate than CBD or THC heavy trichomes, resulting in loss of potency if the flower is not handled carefully.

CBG Hemp Flower Seeds

CBG Hemp Seeds are available from several sources.

Rhizo Sciences can advise on and source CBG hemp seeds .

CBG Hemp Flower Cultivars

There are several hemp flower cultivars currently available on the market, the most widespread being Stem Cell CBG and The White CBG. 

CBG Hemp Flower Breeders

The most prolific CBG hemp breeder in the USA is Oregon CBD Seeds.

CBG Hemp Flower Pricing

CBD Hemp Flower is currently priced at several times CBD flower for extraction grade biomass and flower, and about 50% higher for high quality smokeable flower.

Legality of CBG Hemp Flower

CBG Hemp Flower is legal in regions which have legalised industrial hemp including high CBD hemp. In other jurisdictions it may be treated as medical cannabis, as it is not a traditional fibre/food hemp cultivar.

Testing, Harvesting and Handling High CBG Hemp Flower

Legal and compliant production of high CBD hemp flower requires special high CBG hemp genetics, licenses, permits, cultivation practices and testing protocols. Failure to follow these during production means that the crop grown may exceed the legal limit (for example 0.3% THC). For example, seeds of high CBG hemp cultivars should be acquired from a suitable source who has scientifically validated their seed for factors such as CBG and THC production, germination rates and female:male ratios.

Difference between CBG and CBD Hemp flower CBD Hemp

CBG flower is potentially very similar to comparable high CBD or THC cultivars, but early varieties have had relatively subtle terpene profiles.

Otherwise these plants are relatively similar in production and yields, and we can expect to see an explosion of different cultivars in high CBG variants internationally.

CBG Hemp Products

CBG Oil 1g - 65% Cannabigerol$50.00
CBG Distillate 1g - 65% Cannabigerol$70.00
CBGA Oil 1g - 65% Cannabigerol$70.00
CBG Isolate, , $70.00
top-cannabinoid-isolates cbg-isolate cbg-extracts cannabinoid-isolates
CBG Flower - 15% CBG Hemp Flower ND THC,

CBG smokeable flower

CBG Hemp Flower bred specifically for high CBG quality, with negligible other cannabinoids present.

Available by the lb (Wholesale from $600 for 100lb upward).

  • 15% CBGA
  • 0.12% CBD
  • ND D9 THC
  • 15% Total Cannabinoids

This CBG Flower has been farmed with organic practices in Oregon. Hung dried, hand trimmed, recreational quality from experienced Oregon cannabis industry farmers.

Very low in THC – suitable for global shipping to <0.2% markets such as  UK, EU etc.

We will also soon have 1 gram, 7 gram and 30 gram containers available – contact us for bulk orders.


hemp-flower cbg-flower
CBG Distillate 1 kg 80% CBG (Cannabigerol)$14,000.00 $7,800.00