Delta 8 THC Distillation

Delta 8 THC distillation is an important part of delta 8 THC extraction and isolation.

Delta 8 THC is normally produced by isomerisation of CBD to THC under special conditions during extraction and/or distillation. Most commonly this is performed during the distillation stage and using specialist CBD distillation equipment such as Spinning Band or Short Path Distillation equipment.

Distillation is then used to further purify the D8 THC extract, removing remaining CBD, THC and other impurities.

Distillation typically yields 80% to 90% delta 8 THC, but is often unable to remove THC and other cannabinoids as they all have a similar balling point. For this reason Chromatography is routinely used to remove these impurities to product a D9 THC free product.

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