Hemp Biomass Products

Hemp Biomass Products

Industrial Hemp is an incredibly versatile plant renowned for it’s long history of human use to produce wide range of products – from medicine (CBD) to food (oil and seeds) to fibre (stem) and much more.

Hemp biomass can also be used to produce energy by combustion, fermentation and other processes.

Hemp plants produces medicine, food, feed, oil, and fibre

Some of the components of the plants which yield the most value from industrial hemp include seeds, (oil, protein), flower (CBD, CBG, terpenes etc) fibre, leaves, shivs (aka bast) and roots.


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Dallas McMillan is founder and President of Rhizo Sciences and leads the international hemp and cannabis activities. Recognised as a leading authority in production of truly medical grade cannabis, Dallas leads a team of agricultural, medical and pharmaceutical specialists with a passion for cannabis and hemp and the impact they can make on human health, the environment, and economies. Key to Rhizo Sciences' success in the industry has been an emphasis on leveraging proven technology, personnel and processes from traditional industries while honoring the unique value and characteristics of the cannabis plant and those who have worked tirelessly to bring it into the mainstream. Connect with Dallas on Linkedin or Email.

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