Hemp Futures

High CBD Hemp Farming Contracts

Hemp Futures Farming Contracts for High CBD Hemp crops provide a way for farmers to enter the CBD hemp industry with confidence in partnership with established professional biomass specialists Rhizo Sciences.

What are Hemp Futures Contracts?

Hemp Futures Contracts are an agreement for a farmer to grow product specifically for a buyer or processor, providing price certainty and managing risk.

Hemp Futures Farming Contracts involve planning the cultivation, harvest and sale of hemp crops in advance so that farmers know exactly what they need to grow and what return they can expect from their crop.

Futures contracts are a key aspect in the development of agricultural industries and help farmers, handlers, processors and manufacturers to hedge risk against uncertainty in the price, availability, quality and consistency of their product.

For example, a processor may require a specific high CBD hemp cultivar to produce their product. By issuing hemp futures they lock in supply of their chosen strain, including pricing and timing of delivery. The farmer also benefits by having certainty that there will be a buyer for their crop at agreeable terms.

High CBD Hemp Biomass Futures

The most common type of hemp futures contracts in the CBD industry are for hemp biomass – the unprocessed or lightly processed plant material which can then be trimmed or milled for further processing to extract CBD rich hemp oil.

CBD Hemp Flower Futures

High CBD Hemp Flower is a speciality market within the CBD hemp space. For this product specially selected high CBD hemp strains are cultivated following similar practices to medical cannabis – often grown in greenhouses or indoors and hand trimmed to produce a premium CBD hemp flower product

Industrial Hemp Biomass Futures

Industrial hemp biomass futures are also sometimes used for CBD production, typically for highly refined CBD isolate. Where possible high CBD medical hemp is preferred. Industrial hemp is more often acquired late in the season when the best CBD hemp varieties have been depleted.

Rhizo Sciences Hemp Futures Contracts

Rhizo Sciences has been a leader in issuing offtake agreements and managing futures contracts for high CBD medical hemp flower and hemp biomass internationally. In the US in 2018 we are managing the process and sale for 100,000 lbs of hemp futures for farmers and suppliers across the USA including Colorado, North Carolina and Oregon.

In 2019 our focus is the production of High CBD Flower and Hemp Biomass for CBD distillate production for a range of specially selected hemp cultivars. We focus on High CBD strains with exceptional terpene profiles to produce potent CBD distillate with distinctive terpene profiles and appealing bouquet.

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