Industrial Hemp

Industrial Hemp refers to varieties of cannabis containing low amounts of THC used primarily for food (grain and oil) and fibre production.

Industrial Hemp Definition

Industrial Hemp is defined in law as hemp with low levels of THC (Typically <0.2%, <0.3% or <1.0%) depending on location.

Industrial Hemp Uses

Most industrial hemp has been selectively bred for many generations for fibre and food production, and as a result most industrial hemp produces low quantities of flower, resin and cannabinoids such as CBD and CBG.

Industrial hemp food and fibre products are high quality and incredibly versatile, able to be manufactured into thousands of hemp products.

Industrial Hemp vs Medical Hemp

Increasingly companies are using industrial hemp compliant high CBD hemp cultivars to produce medicinal products such as CBD Oil.

These cultivars meet the legal definition of industrial hemp, but more practically should be considered hemp compliant medicinal cannabis when specially bred, grown and processed for drug production.

For more information see Medical Hemp vs Industrial Hemp.

High CBD Industrial Hemp

Specially Selected CBD Hemp Cultivars have been developed which are rich in cannabinoids and other therapeutic compounds but low in THC. These cultivars are ideal for commercial production of non-THC medicinal cannabis products.

Note that to meet these criteria hemp must be farmed and processed as a medicinal product – a very different style of crop and handling to typical food or fibre crops.