Aotearoa New Zealand Medical Cannabis and Hemp

The Aotearoa New Zealand Medical Cannabis and Hemp Industries have evolved rapidly over the last 12 months.

During this time Rhizo Sciences has been working with New Zealand’s leading Medical Cannabis and Hemp companies to develop high quality, affordable New Zealand Medical Cannabis locally to serve domestic patients and developing the emerging hemp/cannabis industry.

At this time New Zealand only permits high CBD, low THC cannabis strains which meet the legal criteria for industrial hemp.

We’re working with our international seed breeder network to improve the range of medical genetics available to New Zealand Breeders.

New Zealand is an ideal climate for growing medical cannabis. Often called the “Jamaica of the South Pacific” the small island is renowned for it’s clean, green agricultural produce and the cannabis and hemp produced in the region is no exception.

Medical Cannabis in New Zealand

CBD is not a scheduled drug in New Zealand, making it an ideal regulated market to innovate pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products.

Rhizo Sciences has worked with New Zealand medical cannabis startups to develop the industry locally, identifying viable business models and helping them attract and secure investor funding using our turnkey business modelling and financial projections.

These projects will deliver much needed employment in high value agriculture to the region, and represent major milestones in the development of the New Zealand medical cannabis industry.

Rhizo Sciences Aotearoa New Zealand

Rhizo Sciences is developing the Aotearoa New Zealand Hemp Industry.

We bring international expertise, standards and networks to ensure New Zealand fulfils it’s potential of a world class cannabis producing nation.

Rhizo Sciences is working with leading New Zealand hemp companies to develop New Zealand made hemp and cannabis products for local patients.

Premium Products

New Zealand made products command a premium in overseas markets and NZ Hemp will be no exception – our industry frameworks ensure the highest environmental and ethical standards are maintained in all activities of the company.

Being located in New Zealand means our operations will have the capability and capacity to produce outdoor grown product in the off-season from Northern Hemisphere producers. This is most important for fresh-grown, whole flower product, but may also be significant in extracted products with a limited shelf-life.

New Zealand is well-known as a premium location for hemp and cannabis cultivation and offers ideal climate conditions for growing the plant.

The high level of agricultural expertise developed in industries such as Kiwifruit ensure that New Zealand will excel in the cannabis industry.