Hemp Biomass for CBD Extraction

Hemp Cultivar: Cobbler (Tangistan R4 x Charlottes Cherries)

CBD Content: 13% to 15%

THC Content: <0.3%

Hemp flower form: Milled biomass

Location: Colorado, USA

Harvest Date: 25/10/2018

Volume available: 120,000 lbs

Minimum order: 10,000 lbs

Cobbler is an exotic scented high CBD flower strain with a distinctive flavor, excellent terpene profile and early harvest. Ideal for all forms of botanical extraction. Flower ranges in CBD potency from 12% to 20%. Also excellent as a premium High CBD hemp flower product.

Low THC (<0.3%)

Lineage- Tangistan R4 x Charlottes Cherries.

Palate- Sharp and robust frame of freshly opened tennis balls and orange peel underscored with tones of chocolate and cherries jubilee. Expect extra greasy flowers dripping in CBD resin with an enticing musk that will catch your nose from across the garden.

Potency – 12-20% CBD. .3% THC (depending on time of harvest and climate variables).

Harvest – 6 – 8 weeks indoor. First week October outdoor.

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