Hemp Flower CBG – Sour Diesel 3.5 grams (Eighth Ounce)

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Hemp Flower CBG – Sour Diesel 3.5 grams (Eighth Ounce)


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Sour Diesel CBG smokeable flower


Sour G CBG is our latest release for farmers who want to try something new. It’s lineage comes from Sour Diesel, but it is mostly sour in name only. It produces slightly less dense flowers than the White CBG and and a stronger nose than Stem Cell. Expect the same vigor, strength, and reliability of all of our other lines with a new twist on CBG.

  • Enticing crystal covered flowers
  • High CBG yielding plant capable of producing upwards of 20% CBG
  • Very powerful terpene profile – this is one of our dankest flower selections.
  • Typical Sour diesel unique to any other CBD/CBG varieties on the market.
  • CBG Sour Diesel is available as 1 gram 3.5 gram and 7 gram glass jars.
  • Sustainable glass/bamboo packaging.

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