Hemp Oil CBDA Raw Crude 1 kilogram

Hemp Oil CBDA Raw Crude 1 kilogram


CBDa Raw Crude (Unwinterised) – straight from the CO2 extractor this product contains a full blend of plant botanicals – rich in CBDa and minor acid cannabinoids along with plant lipids and waxes. Ideal for manufacturing full spectrum oil products rich in CBDa.

Note this product is unwinterised so contains some lipids and other compounds which reduce clarity – we also have Winterised Crude CBDa oil.

CBDa Oil is a refined CBDa Oil ingredient ideal for adding CBDa to your cannabinoid product lineup.

CBDA is the naturally occurring acid form of CBD found in hemp plants.

This material has been cold extracted to preserve the acid form.

This is a 1 Kilogram pack ideal for formulation and manufacturing purposes.

This CBDa Extract ships with batch specific CoA. All batches contain at least 50% CBDa. The balance is CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes.

This is a full spectrum product excellent for edibles, dabs and a range of uses. Note while being low in THCA and THC, this product does require dilution so it is compliant to sell and ship throughout the Unites States and Europe.

Packed in a glass jar and sealed odor proof bag it ships discretely and contains <0.2% THC.

CBDa Oil manufacturing ingredient

CBDA Oil is ideal to use to manufacture CBG Oil Products such as:

  • CBDA Oil Tinctures
  • CBDA Oil Capsules
  • CBDA Vape products

CBDA is an ideal addition to vape products to reduce the crystallisation of CBD oil.

75%+ CBDA (Cannabigerol)

CBDA: 75%+

CBDA distillate is similar in consistency to CBD distillate having an amber color and viscous liquid or solid at room temperature.

CBDA Extract Pricing

CBDA extract is currently around 3x the price of CBD Oil due to it’s relative rareness and growing demand, but we anticipate significant growth in supply this year.

Note: GMP CBDA Isolate with 99% CBDA is also available ,



Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 in


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