THC Removal

THC Removal from CBD oil and other hemp extracts is an important part of the hemp processing and manufacturing story.

Hemp Oil THC Remediation Technology

THC Removal is an essential type of hemp oil remediation. THC is removed using proprietary technology typically involving heat, chromatography or other refeinment processes.

THC Removal equipment and THC Removal toll processing services are available to licensed hemp companies.

THC Removal Toll Processing Services.

Rhizo Sciences offers toll processing and remediation services for THC Removal through our network of GMP labs in North America and elsewhere.

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Our GMP labs can also extract your hemp flower and remove the THC to deliver you with THC free isolate, distillate or hemp extract ideal for manufacturing or export.

THC Removal Equipment

Looking for THC Removal equipment – please complete a project enquiry to connect to Turnkey Hemp Processing Solutions and Advice.