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Rhizo Sciences is a hemp and cannabis processing solutions company working with licensed producers, processors and brands to bring quality lab tested cannabinoid products to legal markets globally

Extensive experience in North American High CBD and CBG Hemp and GMP Compliant Medical Cannabis internationally

Hemp Derived Cannabinoids

CBD Hemp is the hottest new category of medical cannabis with a much clearer legal path, and is attracting plenty of attention.

CBD Hemp is great, but there are many other cannabinoids with strong therapeutic potential. Rhizo Sciences supplies wholesale cannabinoids including CBD, CBDA, CBG and CBN.

Hemp is emerging as the workhorse for cannabinoid production and manufacture. Rhizo Sciences supplies a range of hemp derived cannabinoids as manufacturing ingredients including distillates, isolates and water miscible powders and liquids. GMP CBD and CBG APIs are also available.


Cannabidiolic Acid









CBD Manufacturing Ingredients

Hemp Derived CBD oil, distillate and isolate can be standardised to pharmacopeial monographs and other manufacturing standards to produce CBD manufacturing ingredients, including CBD distillate, CBD isolate and Water Miscible CBD Powder and CBD liquids.

Wholesale CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate

CBD Distillate and CBD Isolate are the most popular CBD oil manufacturing ingredients.

Buy GMP Certified Wholesale CBD Distillate and Isolate now.

CBD Distillate comes as THC Free with No Detectable THC or as Farm Bill Compliant <0.3% THC.

CBD Isolate is Also Totally THC Free making these an easy way to add natural CBD to your products.


CBD + CBG rich hemp cultivars


Hemp Biomass for Extraction


CBD and CBG hemp flower

Hemp Oil

CBD Oil and CBG Hemp Oil


CBD, CBG & THC free Distillate


99% pure CBD, CBN & CBG

USDA Organic Certified Hemp Flower

USDA certified Organic Hemp  products rich in natural cannabinoids and terpenes.

100% Pure hemp flower, intensively bred for high cannabinoid resin and bud structure, ideal for herbal teas, vaporisation or smoking. All products have undergone Quality Assurance including third party lab testing for potency, purity, and freedom from heavy metals, pesticides and microbial contamination.

Note Sale items are premium flower but may be shipped in our old packaging - new glass packaging will be released in March. Order now to enjoy great prices on premium flower. Contact us for wholesale orders of 50+ units.

CBD Oil Products

US Grown Farm Bill Compliant Industrial Hemp  products rich in natural cannabinoids and terpenes. CBD Oil Drops, Softgels and Freeze Cream. All products contain less than 0.3% THC.

Hemp Extracts and Cannabinoid Rich Concentrates

CBD Extracts and refined concentrates such as CBD or CBG Distillate - rich in natural cannabinoids and terpenes. Available as THC free, Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum and Non-crystallising formats.

Rhizo Sciences is recognised as a leading authority on hemp extraction and cannabinoid distillates. We supply both retail/sample size gram packages as well as wholesale and bulk products by the kg. We also sell large volume bulk distillate to licensed hemp companies only.

Wholesale Hemp

Wholesale Lab Tested extraction grade hemp products from USDA Farm Bill compliant biomass cultivated following organic principles (some certified organic available).

Hemp Biomass

Harvested, dried hemp biomass is tested, graded and selected for use in extraction or further processing into premium CBD hemp products.

Hemp Flower

Selected high grade hemp grown to medicinal cannabis standards is selected and trimmed for use as premium flower.

Hemp Extracts

Hemp flower and biomass are extracted using CO2, ethanol and other proprietary methods to produce identity preserved hemp extracts for use in manufacture of medicinal supplements.

CBD Oil, Distillate and Isolate

CBD Oil is further distilled and purified to produce manufacturing ingredients such as CBD Distillate, CBD Isolate and Water Miscible powders and liquids.

Hemp Processing, CBD Oil Extraction and GMP Cannabis Consulting

Rhizo Sciences is specialist Cannabis spp consulting and professional services firm supplying "Fit for Purpose" and identity preserved CBD oil, hemp and cannabis products to manufacturers and brands globally. Focussed on the cannabinoid rich hemp industry in North America and compliant medical cannabis in regulated markets internationally.

Rhizo Sciences is committed to develop safe, legal, and scientifically validated cannabis products. It is working with cannabis farms and processors globally to develop GMP Cannabis supply chains and aims to educate and create transparency in the markets where it operates.

We work with farmers, processors, manufacturers and retailers to bring lab tested legal hemp and CBD products to market.

Good Cannabis Practices (GxP)

Rhizo Sciences consults on and implements GMP and Good Cannabis Practices (GxP) in CBD Hemp Supply chains.

These are required to bring legal cannabis products to regulated markets, but are lacking in 99% of CBD hemp products currently available.


Good Agricultural Practice


Good Manufacturing Practice


Good Distribution Practice


Good Laboratory Practice


Good Clinical Practice

Hemp Processing & GMP CBD Manufacturing Solutions

Rhizo Sciences specialises in GMP medical hemp processing and offers consulting and services, equipment sales and turnkey solutions.

Hemp Toll Processing Services

Rhizo Sciences provides hemp processing services internationally. We offer consulting services and turnkey solutions addressing all areas of compliant medical hemp production to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Hemp Drying

Batch and Continuous Hemp Drying Equipment

CBD Distillation

CBD Distillation and solvent recovery systems

Flower Processing

Flower Drying, Curing and Trimming Solutions

THC Remediation

THC remediation systems and consulting services

Hemp Extraction

Industrial Hemp Extraction Facility 1,000+ lbs/day

CBD Isolation

CBD isolation and crystallisation equipment

Wholesale and White Label CBD Oil Products

Wholesale CBD Oil products manufactured from CBD Oil, Distillate or Isolate offer ease of use and accurate dosing.

White Label CBD Oil Wholesale Products are the fastest and easiest way to launch a new brand.

Private Label CBD Oil Products enable brands to develop their own unique products.

CBD product formulation and development of novel hemp compliant products is available. Our pharmaceutically trained product development team have developed hundreds of finished products from hemp and cannabis extracts across a range of markets including USDA Farm Bill Compliant hemp.

Contract Manufacturing CBD Oil products enables new brands to scale production as demand grows.

CBD Oil Finished Products include:

CBD Oil Tinctures

Full spectrum CBD Oil Tinctures

Softgel Products

CBD oil softgels, capsules, tablets and gummies

Topical Products

Topical CBD Creams, Salves, Lotions

CBD Oil Products

Full spectrum CBD Oil products

CBD Vape Products

CBD Distillate and Vape Juice Products

Isolate Products

99% pure CBD Isolate & APIs based Products

Global Hemp Production, Processing and Distribution

Hemp, CBD and Medical Cannabis is a global industry, but some locations are best suited to commercial production. We work with Licensed Producers in the in the planet's top cannabis growing regions to produce world class cannabis. We grow medical and landrace genetics in ideal environments to express their genetic and therapeutic potential.

Global Hemp Production, Processing and Distribution

Hemp, CBD and Medical Cannabis is a global industry, but some locations are best suited to commercial production. We work with Licensed Producers in the in the planet's top cannabis growing regions to produce world class cannabis. We grow medical and landrace genetics in ideal environments to express their genetic and therapeutic potential.

Licensed Hemp Processing Facilities

Our network of licensed processors and contract manufacturers offer toll processing services for USDA farm bill compliant hemp in Colorado, Oregon, California and Pennsylvania.

Contact a Local Hemp, CBD or Cannabis Consultant

Rhizo Sciences operates internationally, and offer consulting services in North America, Latam, Africa, Europe and Australasia. Meet our regional representatives below.

We are developing a network of licensed medical hemp producers and processors in legal regulated markets and provide consulting, processing and distribution network ins each region.

Turnkey CBD, Hemp and Cannabis Solutions

Rhizo Sciences consults on and develops turnkey medical hemp and cannabis facilities with an emphasis on GAP cultivation, GMP manufacturing and supply chain integrity.

We operate in legal, regulated markets including USA hemp and INCB medical cannabis regimes. We have special expertise in Africa and have worked extensively in PIC/S and EU GMP markets including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Latin America.

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Discover our turnkey solutions for hemp, CBD and medical cannabis production, processing and manufacture.

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