Oregon Cherry

Oregon Cherry

Oregon Cherry CBD Hemp Cultivar

Oregon Cherry is a good yielding High CBD Hemp Cultivar known for it’s compact size and good CBD oil yield.

Oregon Cherry Genetics

Oregon Cherry: Original Cherry x Original Cherry

Oregon Cherry is a good yielding short hemp plant which matures to around 4 feet in height for an early October harvest in North America.

It yields up to 1-2 pounds per plant with good management, and is best planted with 4′ spacing to allow the large dense colas to get adequate airflow.

The plants have good weather and pest resistance, and grow well without trellising or supports.

Oregon Cherry Hemp Seeds

Oregon Cherry is available as non-feminised seeds. Contact us for special pricing on orders over 10 lbs.

Oregon Cherry CBD production is good with yields of up to 20% CBD. THC levels are low, but should be closely monitored to ensure it complies with local hemp requirements. This often means harvesting before full flower maturity.


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