CBG Distillate

CBG Distillate

CBG Distillate is a potent form of CBG Hemp Extract. While most hemp is rich in CBD and only contains small amounts of CBG, new strains and processing technology are now making CBG oil and other CBG extracts more widely available.

CBG Distillate for Sale

CBG Distillate for sale by the gram or kilogram. Typically in stock and shipping within 48 hours.

CBG Isolate

CBG Isolate is a more purified form of CBG Hemp Extract. CBG Isolate is a white fluffy powder.

CBGA Isolate and Extracts

CBGA Isolate is the purified acid of CBG Hemp Extract. CBGA Isolate is a white fluffy powder.

CBG Distillate (Cannabidiol) from Hemp

CBG Distillate is a highly refined cannabis extract often derived from high CBG hemp or high CBD hemp flower and hemp biomass.

CBG Distillate can be derived from CBD oil by fractionating out the CBG component. CBG Distillate can also be derived from high CBG hemp cultivars.

CBG Distillate typically contains around 50-80% CBD with the balance including CBD, other minor cannabinoids, terpenes and other plants oils and extracts.

Distillate may be further refined to produce CBG isolate - purified cannabidiol crystals comprising up to 98% or more of CBD.

Distillate is also ideal to use in manufacturing of CBG products such as CBG oil tinctures, capsules and vape products.

Broad spectrum CBD Extracts with CBG

Because CBD Distillate still contains other cannabinoids and terpenes it is often considered a full spectrum product. CBD Distillate typically contains significant quantities of other cannabinoids including CBG, CBC and THC.

If the second most dominant cannabinoid is CBG, companies will sometimes refer to this as "CBG Oil". Always check the relative content of each cannabinoid to be sure.

Note that if THC levels exceed 0.3% then CBD can be legally problematic as it falls outside the scope of a "hemp" product under US law. Similar situations apply in other countries.

For this reason there is growing interest in THC Free broad spectrum CBD Distillate rich in minor cannabinoids but free of THC.

THC Free CBD Distillate (Zero THC Hemp Extract)

THC Free CBD Distillate is an exciting new product where all the THC has been removed from the distillate (by selective distillation or chromatography). This is time consuming process requiring specialist equipment so THC Free distillate costs more than normal CBD distillate.

Bulk Hemp CBG Distillate

Rhizo Sciences works directly with large scale hemp processors processors to source and distribute hemp-derived CBG Oil and other CBG products in North America and internationally. We sell bulk hemp and CBD extracts in legal markets only

Wholesale CBG Distillate

If you require wholesale CBG distillate please contact us make a note you are seeking CBG our sales team will contact you.

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