CBG Isolate

Purified CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG Isolate is purified, concentrated CBG (Cannabigerol)

CBG isolate is a yellow to white colored crystalline powder (similar to table sugar or salt) which is hydrophobic and lipid soluble.

Much of the CBG isolate available on the market is only around 95% purity (ie: more a full spectrum, high purity distillate than a true isolate), thus it often appears more like raw sugar than white table sugar due to impurities (mostly terpenes and other beneficial compounds) and the natural color of the product.

CBG Isolate is a highly refined product in a solid crytalline form often used in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical manufacture.

Because CBG is used as a medicine it should be produced following GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) to ensure safety, potency, purity and consistency.

When correctly sourced, processed and manufactured for use in the pharmaceutical industry, CBG isolate is considered to be an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient).

What is CBG

CBG is a cannabinoid which occurs naturally in the flowers and leaves of Cannabis plants including hemp and marijuana. CBG isolate is most commonly derived from specially bred CBG hemp cultivars.

CBG or Cannabigerol is the “Mother Cannabinoid” produced by Cannabis Plants such as hemp and medicinal cannabis.

CBD and THC are both synthesised inside the plant from CBG. CBG is normally only present at a very low level within most harvested cannabis.

Nonetheless CBG is emerging as an important therapeutic compound and is the subject of many research programs and clinical trials.

CBG is often present at low levels in some cultivars of hemp and medicinal cannabis. Typically CBG is present at less than 1% in cannabis flowers, and less than 10% of the total cannabinoid profile.

Rhizo Sciences is sourcing material from high CBG strains which will yield 10% CBG or more, often with very low levels of THC.