GMP CBD Product Enquiry

GMP CBD Product Enquiry

GMP CBD Products are hemp derived cannabidiol containing products manufactured under GMP – Good Manufacturing Practice – a quality management system used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure safety, potency and purity of drugs and medicines.

GMP is a required standard for most foods and medicines in modern economies. It is part of a suite of quality practices which cover the entire supply chain and clinical trial process.

Most commercially available hemp, CBD and cannabis is currently manufactured without comprehensive quality management systems, resulting in product of unknown composition which may not contain the stated ingredients or may be adulterated or contaminated with common agricultural hazards such as pesticides, mould or heavy metals.

Rhizo Sciences specialises in GMP Hemp, CBD and Medical Cannabis cultivation, processing, extraction and manufacture. We have focussed on developing Good Cannabis Practices – GxP for the hemp and Cannabis industry – applying proven botanical medicine and pharmaceutical GxP methodologies to large scale medical hemp and cannabis production and manufacturing.

GMP CBD Available in 2019

Rhizo Sciences will have it’s first GMP CBD products available in 2019 from both US and EU supply chains.

We are focussing on wholesale extracts and bulk products to meet the needs of mainstream brands wanting to incorporate CBD into their product lines.

We have currently secured millions of pounds of hemp for processing to produce CBD, and the best quality product which complies with our specifications will be considered for our GMP manufacturing program.

GMP CBD Products

Rhizo Sciences offers two main categories of GMP CBD products: GMP CBD Extracts and GMP CBD Finished Products

GMP CBD Extracts

GMP CBD Extracts are bulk extracts derived from high CBD medical hemp products managed according to GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) or equivalent standards, and processing in certified GMP facilities to standardised processes.

GMP CBD Extracts include:

  • GMP CBD Oil
  • GMP CBD Distillate
  • GMP CBD Distillate (with Non-detectable THC)
  • GMP CBD Isolate
  • GMP CBD isolate (API grade)

GMP CBD Finished Products

GMP CBD Finished Products are final product forms packaged for patient/consumer use – eg in bottles, capsules, or single dose packages. GMP CBD Finished products must be manufactured from entirely from approved inputs meaning that both the active ingredient (eg: CBD oil, distillate or isolate) and other components such as diluents, fillers and packaging must meet appropriate pharmaceutical or food grade hygiene standards.

CBD Finished products include:

  • GMP CBD Oil Tinctures
  • GMP CBD Oil Capsules
  • GMP CBD Oil Softgels/gelcaps (Gelatine Capsules)
  • GMP CBD Salves
  • GMP CBD Suppositories
  • GMP CBD Vaporiser Cartridges

Rhizo Sciences can also custom formulate bulk components for finished product, which are ready for packing in your GMP fill and finish facility.

GMP CBD Bulk Products Include:

  • GMP Bulk CBD Oil Tinctures
  • GMP Bulk CBD Vaporiser oil
  • GMP Bulk CBD Vaporiser Juice

How to buy GMP CBD Products

Depending on your location you will require a hemp processors license, pharmaceutical license, or other certification as well as import and export permits in order to purchase and ship CBD products.

Note: Demand for GMP product greatly exceeds supply, and we receive many CBD purchase enquiries each day. As of December 2018 we have a 3 month waiting list as we ramp up processing of the 2018 Northern Hemisphere hemp harvest.

As a result, taking on a new GMP CBD customer is a long term commitment for Rhizo Sciences, and we conduct thorough due diligence and charge service fees where applicable to ensure the best outcome for qualified buyers. Unqualified enquiries – eg: requests from brokers, ineligible buyers, or private email addresses will not receive a response.

Our ideal customers are pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotech and nutraceutical companies, natural health and wellness brands such as food and beverage manufacturers.


To apply to join our GMP CBD Product Program we require the following information:







Company Type

Company Size

Pharma License

Desired End Use

Product Required

Are you currently using CBD in your products

Do you have board/executive level approval for this purchase

What stage are you at with your enquiry

What stage are you at with your funding

Who is the decision maker for this project

What is the time frame for this purchase




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