GAP Cannabis Good Agricultural Practice

GAP Cannabis – Good Agricultural Practice

Good Practices for Medical Cannabis Cultivation

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) is a set of standards that ensure quality agricultural production of foods and non-food products (such as fibre and medicines).

In the context of medical cannabis GAP is the precursor to GMP – it ensure consistent production of a safe, hygienic and quality product of known potency and purity – essential to deliver consistent cannabis medicines.

GAP combines common sense agricultural practices with science and quality control systems, and will simplify the implementation of HACCP, ISO or other quality related standards.

GAP standards for medical cannabis draw on well documented guidelines for herbal medicines. These standards, often called GACP (Good Agricultural and Collection Practices of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants) are designed to address both on farm safety and sustainability as well as quality production processes.

Note that while the general principles of GAP, GMP, and other quality standards are almost universal, every facility must develop their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) reflecting their specific production processes, equipment, personnel and environmental considerations.

Medical Cannabis GxP: Good Practices for Medical Cannabis

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