GMP: Good Manufacturing Practice: Herbal Processing

After harvest, the plant is dried, trimmed and cured for further use before being packed and moved to the next phase of processing. Depending on the final product, this may be further processing for export, manufacture of dried herbal product forms such as dried flower (eg: 1g to 10g packages), or dried herbal capsules, or it may be sent for extraction and further refinement.

Note that initial post- harvest processing is often carried out under non-GMP or near-GMP environment. To ensure consistent quality, GMP should be implemented as early as possible.

Depending on the cultivation method, this often takes place after initial harvest, trimming and drying.

  • GAP Herbal cannabis processing
    • Cutting of plant and whole plant drying
    • Initial trimming and drying of flowering heads
    • Trimming of sugar leaf and stems to produce trimmed flower
    • Curing of trimmed flower
  • GMP Herbal cannabis processing
    • Trimmed, cured flower tested
    • Grinding and comminution
    • Packaging into final product forms