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Hemp Seedlings

CBD and CBG Hemp Seedling Germination Services

Hemp Seedling germination services help you to save time and increase yields by outsourcing hemp seedling germination by buying ready-to-plant hemp starts.

2 day old hemp seedling. By day 30 seedlings are 15-20cm high, sun hardened and ready to plant.

CBD and CBG Hemp Starts

Our Hemp seedling nursery partner will germinate over 35 million CBD hemp starts for the 2020 season.
Their professional grow team has successfully germinated many millions of hemp seeds along with billions of seedlings of mainstream crops including hops, hemp, cannabis and more mainstream horticultural seedlings.

CBD & CBG Hemp Seedlings Germinated and Delivered for Planting from $1 each

Don’t pay $3, $5 or more for hemp seeds from unknown companies only to risk poor germination or feminisation rates. Our CBD and CBG hemp seedling germination services combine proven genetics from the world’s top hemp breeders with guaranteed germination and delivery contracts so you get what you pay for.

Free agronomical consultation for all hemp seedling germination clients

Our agronomists can help advise you on selecting genetics, planting time and cultivation practices.

We also advise on what is probably the most important consideration when growing – having a well thought out harvest plan including harvest options (hand and mechanical), drying and storage prior to shipping to customers or processing facilities.

Work with our sales team to sell your crop

Your success is our success. Our goal is to ensure a successful crop and profitable harvest, so you will become a repeat customer next year. We understand this means successfully selling your crop at harvest. This means selling your crop for a fair price to qualified buyers, or alternatively having it processed to high value products such as oil, distillate or isolate.

How to purchase hemp seedlings

Step 1: Reserve your spot in the nursery to have your seedlings germinated to be ready for shipping and planting

Step 2: Once you have placed your order to secure your spot we schedule a meeting with our team of agronomists and horticulturalists to help you select the best genetics for your region, microclimate and intended use.

Step 3: Select genetics and planting time to fit your farm schedule. Germination and growing out and hardening to field-readiness takes around 4 weeks, and delivery 1-2 days. Your hardened hemp starts will be delivered to most states in climate controlled trucks.

Hemp Seedling Enquiry Form

Minimum hemp germination order = 10,000 hemp seedlings

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