Cannabis Industry Investment

Rhizo Sciences gets many enquiries from investors who want to participate in the medical cannabis industry, currently the worlds’ fastest growing industry.

We occasionally have investment opportunities for accredited investors who understand the industry and are seeking trusted partners to help them get in at the ground floor of this rapidly growing industry.

It is important to note that the medical cannabis industry is inherently risky, and we only suggest considering investment in private companies if you have a strong understnading of the industry, and that you only invest money that you can afford to lose.

International Medical Cannabis Investments

We do not act as investment advisers or brokers, and can only suggest potential investors that we have personally decided to participate in. These are generally large scale pharmaceutical grade processing facilities with strong international market access. We only invest in 100% legal and auditable operations that comply with NCIB (International Narcotics Control Board) and local government approval in countries with sound financial, legal and trade systems. The only exception to this is our US operations (primarily in Washington and California) where there is strong State-level legal protection and mature markets.

These projects are typically in the $5M to $50M range with a minimum investment of $200K.

Publicly Listed Cannabis Investment Options

If you are seeking publicly listed medical cannabis investments you can see a full list of publicly listed medical cannabis companies at the Marijuana Index.
If you are a new investor seeking smaller and more mainstream investments, we suggest you explore the publicly listed “blue chips” of the cannabis world – companies such as GW Pharma, Canopy Growth Corporation and Aurora Cannabis.

Cannabis Project Investment Opportunities

Our Cannabis Investment opportunities generally fall into one of these categories:

1. US Medical/Recreational Processing and Manufacturing including unique brands and products.

2. International large scale (10,000+ m2 or 110,000+ sf) Medical Cannabis Cultivation, Processing and Export (to any compliant market).

3. International Hemp CBD Cannabis Cultivation, Processing and Export.

Turnkey Investment Opportunities

Projects represent turnkey investment opportunities to a food grade / pharmaceutical grade GMP production.

Professional management team, world class cannabis specialists and strong ROI on debt and equity positions available from <$1M to $50M.

Complete an initial NDA for additional details.

Cannabis Investment Resources

For more information on investing in international cannabis projects, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the industry.

Firstly, understand the international market by reading our International Cannabis Market Analysis

Then read these two investor reports which give an insight into the current markets.

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