CBDV Oil Tinctures

CBDV Oil Tinctures

CBDV Oil Tinctures, containing hemp derived CBDV rich Oil in an MCT carrier oil.

CBDV Oil and MCT Oil Tinctures

Check out our range of hemp oil tinctures. These products contain blends of CBDV rich hemp extracts and a natural MCT (Fractionated Coconut Oil) carrier oil.

CBDV Oil is the not as well known as CBD oil but is sought after for it’s unique composition and effects. CBDV is derived from hemp flowers rich in CBD and CBDV and other cannabinoids.

Our CBDV oil tincture is made with our Forbidden V CBDV + CBD hemp oil. The tinctures have a natural flavor with a fruity and tropical natural hemp terpene profile.

High CBDV, Low THC (<0.3%) Tinctures

All CBDV Oil tinctures contain <0.3% Delta 9 THC.

CBDV Oil Tinctures for Sale

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  • CBDV

    CBDV Oil Tincture – 3000mg CBDV Rich Hemp Oil in MCT

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    CBDV Oil Tincture

    CBDV Oil Tincture – Full Spectrum CBDV Rich Hemp Extract in MCT Oil

    Made from CBDV Forbidden V Hemp Extract

    See attached CoA and Product Data Sheet

    Available in November 2022.

    Save 50% on orders of 5+ – contact us for wholesale account information.



    100mg CBDV Rich Hemp Oil per ml, 33mg CBDV + 60mg CBD + 3mg CBC + 3mg CBG +2mg Delta 9 THC (<0.3% Total THC)

    3000mg hemp oil per bottle, 1000mg of CBDV per bottle.


    CBGA Oil made from full spectrum CBGA Distillate and MCT Oil.

    100% US Grown high CBDV hemp was used to produce this high potency full spectrum CBD/CBDV oil.

    Usage directions:

    Take 1/2 ml twice daily

    GMP CBD/CBDV Oil Tincture

    All materials are produced in GMP compliant, FDA approved manufacturing facilities in the United States. Materials are tested and a chain of custody kept to ensure potency and purity.



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