Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)

THCV is a cannabinoid found in small quantities in some varieties of cannabis including some cultivars of industrial hemp.

Because it is normally only present in small quantities it has not been as well studied as it’s better known counterparts, THC and CBD.

THCV is not THC

Importantly, THCV is not the same as THC. THCV has a longer carbon chain than either THC or CBD does, giving it unique pharmacology.

Varin Cannabinoids – THCV, CBGV and CBDV

THCV is a varin cannabinoid, a group which includes THCV, CBGV, CBDV.

In general these compounds have low psychoactivity, more similar to CBD and CBDV than THC.

THCV Diet Weed?

THCV is often referred to as “diet weed” as strains containing small amounts of THCV tended to reduce appetite, whereas those low in THCV often increase appetite.

THCV Price

THCV remains an expensive cannabinoid. In 2021 and 2022 we expect to have our first batches of high THCV hemp and hemp extracts, bringing the price down further.

Currently THCV costs around $70 per gram when purchase by the kilogram.

THCV Isolate

THCV Isolate is purified THCV. Typically THCV isolate is dominated by delta 8 THCV. Delta 9 THCV rapidly degrades to Delta 8 THCV at room temperature. This process is accelerated by heat and oxygen.


You can purchase THCV here:

THCV Isolate

THCV Oil Tincture


THCV Tinctures

THCV Tinctures contain THCV in an MCT oil base. This is an ideal way to test your dosage of THCV and add it to your daily regime.


High THCV Hemp Seeds

Looking for high THCV seeds? We can supply THCV and CBDV rich hemp seeds to licensed hemp farmers.


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