Under Current Cannabis Cultivation Consultants

High Yield Marijuana Hydroponic Growing Systems

Have your Cannabis Cultivation Operation Built Right the First Time

We help licensed or soon-to-be licensed cannabis growers to:

  • Plan
  • Design
  • Build
  • Grow
  • Harvest

High performing Crops. We specialise in using the Under Current hydroponic system to deliver great yields in small and medium installations.

Under Current Hydroponic Systems Specialists

Specialising in high yielding indoor systems (2lb per light and upward)

Complete System Installation and Yield Optimisation

We work with established cannabis growing operations who want to improve yields and efficiencies in their undercurrent systems.

We work with cannabis growing operations who want to install new high performing undercurrent systems as well as operators with an existing system who want to improve yields.

Your Cannabis Business Consultants

Do you need help creating a high performance cannabis business?

Our Seattle based team of cannabis consultants, advisers and scientists can help you launch or grow your growing, extraction or manufacturing company.


I have worked and partnered with Justin on several grow facilities. Our latest project was my own 30,000SF $4.5 million production facility. Justin’s connections alone helped us secure 1500 clones and 20 high yielding strains within our 15-day window. I’m always blown away by how fast he can make things happen on short notice.

Tony Tran – CEO – Grassroots Pharm


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