Shipping and Fulfilment

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CBD & Hemp Shipping and Fulfilment Rhizo Sciences ships most SKU's from a number of secure, climate controlled facilities across North America, EU and South America, allowing us to offer 3 day shipping to most US, UK and EU clients on our most popular products. FDA Certified Hemp and CBD Fulfilment Rhizo Sciences ships it's product [...]

THC Removal

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THC Removal THC Removal from CBD oil and other hemp extracts is an important part of the hemp processing and manufacturing story. Hemp Oil THC Remediation Technology THC Removal is an essential type of hemp oil remediation. THC is removed using proprietary technology typically involving heat, chromatography or other refeinment processes. THC Removal equipment and THC [...]

Medicinal Cannabis License in South Africa

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South Africa's First Medicinal Cannabis License Awarded in Capetown South Africa's Medicinal Cannabis industry achieved a milestone this week with news that the first license has been awarded to Afriplex and House of Hemp - two companies with a long history of hemp and cannabis research. The Paarl-based company Afriplex (Pty) Ltd has partnered with the [...]

CBD Isolate Benefits

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Benefits of CBD Isolate - Health, Legal and Practical CBD Isolate benefits many serious health conditions, and is the subject of hundreds of clinical trials.  It also has many practical benefits as a pharmaceutical drug ingredient, a botanical extract, a manufacturing ingredient and article of commerce, but may not match the therapeutic benefits of other hemp [...]

Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabinoids for Clinical Trials

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Why Pharmaceutical Grade Cannabinoids Are Needed for Clinical Trials Recently, Tilray made big news announcing that they would be importing Canadian cannabis into the USA for clinical trials. This ruffled some feathers in the US cannabis industry, who operate under state legal programs while the US Federal law insists that cannabis is a highly dangerous and [...]

CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil

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CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil vs Hemp Seed Oil - What's the difference? CBD Oil, Hemp Oil and Hemp Seed Oil are related products which can be produced from the Hemp plan, Cannabis Sativa. Consumers and health professionals often get confused by the differences between the different products hemp [...]

Pharma Grade CBD Products to be Rescheduled

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Pharma Grade CBD Products to be Rescheduled to Schedule V Pharma Grade CBD Products such as Epidiolex will be Schedule V - comparable to codeine-containing cough syrups - indicating a low potential for abuse and effectiveness as a therapeutic drug. The Drug Enforcement Agency published a notification on the FDA CBD rescheduling in the Federal Register. "With [...]

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