CBD Extraction from Hemp

CBD Extraction from Hemp

CBD extraction from hemp is the first stage in producing CBD extracts such as CBD oil, CBD distillate, CBD isolate and other CBD Products.

CBD Hemp Extraction

CBD Extraction technology extracts CBD (Cannabidiol) from hemp flower, trim and whole plant hemp biomass. The Crude CBD Oil can then be further processed into more refined products using distillation and isolation. These extracts are then used in CBD product manufacturing.

Legality and Regulations of Hemp Extraction

With legalisation comes regulation – as the CBD hemp industry has grown the need for specialist medicinal plant processing large scale extraction and distribution of food grade and pharmaceutical grade cannabis products has grown.

Several years ago, CBD extracts were mostly black tarry liquids produced in basement labs. Today consumers have access to a range of high quality full spectrum extracts and purified CBD products, all processed using food grade solvents and equipment.

Rhizo Sciences focussed on projects incorporating GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) quality assurance in line with other food and medicinal plant processing. 

As one of the first groups worldwide focssing on developing related expertise and systems we have worked extensively international hemp cannabis projects in newly regulated markets. 

Our portfolio of successful client projects includes companies in the USA, Africa, and New Zealand, and are increasingly approached by government and industry groups worldwide to assist in hemp/cannabis industry development due to our strong focus large scale projects.

Read more about Rhizo Sciences’ company profile, capability and some current projects.

Industrial Scale Hemp Extraction

Rhizo Sciences have worked with America’s leading hemp extraction and purification companies to develop compliant production.

Typical new projects include 1000kg per day and larger throughputs, ideal as regional processing centres supporting large hemp farms or cooperatives and farms.



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