Hemp Drying

Hemp Drying

Hemp Drying is one of the most important steps to ensuring product quality. 

Hemp Drying is the key to product quality

Drying hemp post-harvest is the most important step to ensure product quality for CBD Extraction.

If hemp is dried quickly, cleanly and with minimal damage or loss of the product it maximises the quality of food, medicine or fibre products from the harvest, while maximising storage life.

Outdoor Hemp Drying

In dry climates and for hemp seed or fibre use, outdoor hemp drying is common.

Outdoor hemp drying can work very well on warm, dry days, but can result in significant crop damage or loss if rain, fog or other inclement weather slows the drying process and allows mold to set in.

When drying outdoors be sure to minimise dust, weeds and other factors which may contaminate the drying crop.

Indoor Hemp Drying

Hemp Drying in a barn – note this shows dirt floors – unacceptable for GACP medicinal quality production, but common in the industry.

Hemp is often dried indoors inside large sheds or barns. Hemp plants may be hung from trellis, chains or other structures to maximise space utilisation.

Fans or air conditioning units will improve air flow and drying.

For medicinal use it is best to separate out each stem, rather than hanging whole plants.

This allows air movement to evenly dry all buds. This is particularly important with larger plants and thick buds.

Hemp Drying rooms should have clean floors and walls to prevent contamination of the product.

Hemp Drying Machines

There are a number of hemp drying machines which will rapidly dry large volumes of hemp plant material. Some of these use excessive heat which may degrade cannabinoids and vaporise terpenes.

Ideally hemp drying machines will use warm, dry air and movement to speed up drying, rather than using excessive heat.

Read more about hemp drying machines and

Buy Hemp Drying Equipment

For more information about Hemp Drying Equipment and other hemp processing technology submit a hemp project enquiry.

Failure to plan for appropriate hemp drying conditions for the full crop is one of the largest causes of product degradation and quality failures.

Be sure to plan your hemp drying facilities and processes well in advance of your scheduled harvest!

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