CBDV Oil Tincture

CBDV Oil Tincture - Full Spectrum CBDV Rich Hemp Extract in MCT Oil

Made from CBDV Forbidden V Hemp Extract . This product contains the following approximate composition (Final CoA to be confirmed. Available in November 2022. Save 50% on orders of 5+ - contact us for wholesale account information.     100mg CBDV Rich Hemp Oil per ml, 33mg CBDV + 60mg CBD + 3mg CBC + 3mg CBG +2mg Delta 9 THC (<0.3% Total THC) 3000mg hemp oil per bottle, 1000mg of CBDV per bottle.   CBGA Oil made from full spectrum CBGA Distillate and MCT Oil. 100% US Grown high CBG hemp was used to produce this high potency full spectrum CBG oil. Usage directions: Take 1/2 ml twice daily


All materials are produced in GMP compliant, FDA approved manufacturing facilities in the United States. Materials are tested and a chain of custody kept to ensure potency and purity.