CBD Isolation Equipment

CBD Isolation Equipment

CBD Isolation equipment is used to manufacture CBD isolate from industrial hemp.

CBD Isolation is a multi step process for extraction, refining and purifiying cannabidiol from CBD hemp flower, hemp biomass or medical cannabis material.

The CBD Isolate manufacturing process:

  • Selection of high CBD hemp biomass or hemp flower
  • Drying, processing and decarboxylation of hemp material – ideally 10%+ CBD content
  • Extraction of CBD Oil from hemp – 50%+ CBD Hemp Extract
  • Refinement of CBD oil to remove contaminants – 60%+ Refined CBD Oil
  • Distillation of refined CBD oil to concentrate CBD – 80%+ CBD Distillate
  • Chromatography to purify CBD from distillate 99%+ CBD Isolate
  • Crystallisation of CBD to further purify – 99%+ CBD API Manufacture under GMP

GMP CBD Isolation Requirements

To process CBD hemp flowers all the way to CBD isolate thus requires a series of specialised laboratory systems and processes.

Because CBD is used as medicine, each stage of the process, equipment and material used must be tested to ensure consistency and quality management processes. To ensure safety and quality of the finished product, GMP CBD manufacturing (Good Manufacturing Practice) facilities, equipment, processes and principles must be followed throughout.

Equipment required for CBD Isolation

Equipment required for CBD Hemp Processing, extraction, refinement and CBD isolation includes:

  • Hemp Processing Equipment to convert harvested hemp plant material into CBD hemp extraction material.
  • CBD Hemp Extraction Equipment to extract crude oil from hemp plant material
  • CBD Hemp Oil Refinement Equipment to removed waxes and other impurities from hemp extract
  • CBD Hemp Distillation Equipment to concentrate CBD and remove impurities
  • CBD Chromatography Equipment to isolate CBD from other cannabinoids and terpenes
  • CBD Crystallisation Equipment to manufacture CBD APIs under GMP conditions.

Rhizo Sciences specialises in design and implementation of CBD extraction and CBD isolation equipment and processes.

To apply to work with Rhizo Sciences to develop your CBD isolation facility complete a project enquiry form.




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