CBG Hemp Cultivars

CBG Hemp Cultivars

CBG Hemp Cultivars are novel, specially selected varieties of Cannabis spp. which have bred to produce high levels of CBG, the progenitor cannabinoid, while meeting legal requirements for Industrial Hemp (containing <0.3% THC).

CBG Hemp plants are harvested and processed to produce CBG Hemp Flower and CBG Hemp Biomass, which can be extracted to produce CBG hemp oil, and further refined to produce CBG distillate or CBG isolate.

While many varieties of CBD hemp genetics and industrial Hemp bred for seed and fibre contain low levels of CBG (typically <1%), these new high CBG hemp genetics have been specially selected to produce large harvests of high CBG flower and hemp biomass for processing into CBG extracts.

CBG Hemp Seeds and Seedlings

Rhizo Sciences works with USA’s leading CBG hemp seed breeders and CBG hemp seedlings companies to ensure hemp farmers start their crop with high quality proven hemp seedlings and starts.

CBG Hemp flower has very low THC

A major Unlike most Cannabis strains they have very low levels of THC.

All these strains can produce <0.3% THC when quality seed is cultivated, harvested and processed appropriately.

Note that these cultivars have mostly been selected for temperate climates, and in subtropical or tropical climates their THC levels may be higher than 0.3%. For this reason some states/countries that often face this problem permit up to 1.0% THC, but you should seek legal advice before planting new strains in your region.

Note also that these CBD hemp cultivars are often planted at a particular time of year and harvested early to prevent THC levels exceeding 0.3%.

CBG Hemp Cultivars vs Strains

A cultivar is a selected, standarised line of plants bred for a specific purpose. Cultivar means “Cultivated Variety”.  Wikipedia defines a cultivar as “plants selected for desirable characters that are maintained during propagation. More generally, cultivar refers to the most basic classification category of cultivated plants in the International Code of Nomenclature for Cultivated Plants (ICNCP). Most cultivars arose in cultivation, but a few are special selections from the wild.

Note: Currently there are only a high CBG hemp seed producers on the market. They have worked quickly to select, refine and scale up production of their CBG rich hemp seeds, but they are still at an early stage and should best be considered a selection rather than a cultivar – we can expect these to be further refined and stabilised over the next few seasons.

Given the interest in CBG rich strains we can expect to see many new offerings coming onto the market.

CBG Hemp Varieties in 2019

2019 has seen the release of large numbers of stabilised high CBG hemp seeds and planting of thousands of acres for the production of CBG Hemp Flower  and CBG Hemp Biomass for extraction of CBG Hemp Oil and refined extracts such as CBG Distillate and CBG Isolate.

CBG Hemp Seed Breeders

The most prominent CBG hemp seed breeders that Rhizo Sciences has been following has been Oregon CBD Seeds. Operated by Seth and Eric Crawford, the company has spent years refining hemp compliant cannabis genetics to produce high quality medical hemp that will perform in an outdoor environment.

This has involved many innovations and improvements in the understanding of hemp breeding, largely gained through the application of modern plant scienctific selection tools such as DNA sequencing and marker assisted breeding.

CBG Hemp Seed Breeders


We present some of their 2019 Genetics below.

Know of other high CBG seed breeders or cultivars we should add? Contact us to let us know!

CBG Hemp Seed Varieties

Oregon CBD Hemp Seed Varieties

Note all material below is from the Oregon CBD Seed Catalog – contact them direct for sales and further information.


CBG Hemp Flower
CBG Hemp Flower – CBG Stem Cell – Photo credit Oregon CBD Seeds

Through many generations of inbreeding and chemical analysis we discovered the needle in the haystack in 2016. This CBG dominant strain was the first commercially available. It is a vigorous grower that produces high yields of large flowers. We bred this specifically for biomass producers and its unique trichome composition allow for easy combine harvest.

  • Excellent uniform, field ready structure
  • Ideal for biomass producers
  • Unique trichomes do not gum up combines as quickly as CBD varieties, allowing for mass harvest.
  • Relatively odorless and optimal for areas with concerned neighbors.
  • Can be tested as a trimmed flower and meet federal 0.3% total THC guidelines.


CBG Hemp Flower - White CBG - Oregon CBD Seeds
CBG Hemp Flower – White CBG – Photo credit Oregon CBD Seeds

We took one of the superstars of cannabinoid production (“The White,” an elite THC variety) and converted it to a pure CBG chemotype, while simultaneously selecting for powdery mildew resistance.  Plants grow into stout bushes with large frosty flowers. Its creamy-lemon aroma and beautiful bag appeal make it an excellent choice for cut flower production, with some producers even running it in light deprivation greenhouses.

  • Fast growing with potential for large quantities of A grade flower
  • Creamy lemon terpene profile
  • Our highest testing CBG flower, with stellar individuals topping out at almost 20%
  • Huge colas that make for easy cut flower harvest
  • Can be tested as a trimmed flower and meet federal 0.3% total THC guidelines.
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