CBG Hemp Extraction

CBG Hemp Extraction

CBG Oil Extraction from Hemp

CBG rich Hemp flower extraction separates and concentrates resin from the plant material with solvents to concentrate the valuable CBG component. The processes and methods are similar to CBD hemp, but require fine tuning of several processing steps to maximise yield. Read more about CBD extraction from hemp.

CBG Hemp Biomass and Flower for Extraction

Most extraction is performed on CBG biomass or milled flower.

Unlike CBD, where keeping THC levels down requires using whole plant biomass, with CBG hemp stems and other low quality material should be removed to maximise yields and potency.

Hemp biomass for extraction should be high in CBG and low in CBD and THC (unless a specific blend is desired) and free of contaminants, adulterants and microbial growth.

Extracting CBG from hemp flower or biomass can be performed with a range of solvents including:

  • Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction
  • Ethanol
  • Butane and other hydrocarbons
  • A range of other solvents

Extraction of hemp flower produces a very high quality and potent CBG extract known as CBG oil or Hemp Oil. This can be further concentrated by removing impurities such as waxes, pigments, oils, terpenes and other components to produce more refined CBG concentrates such as CBG distillate and CBG isolate.

Extraction of CBG requires professional equipment and personnel to ensure a medical quality product is safely produced.

Other methods of hemp resin production such as bubble hash, hashish and rosin production can also be used to concentrate the CBG from hemp flower.

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