GLP: Good Laboratory Practice

Good Laboratory Practice for Medical Cannabis

Cannabis Clinical Testing and Analytic Testing (Also covered by ISO 17025)

Analytic Testing in the medical cannabis space is a critical part of quality control and a rapidly evolving field.

The science of analytic testing is well developed but standardisation is lacking, even in some mature markets.

Cannabis production and processing facilities require their own in house testing capability to ensure timeline implementation of quality assurance processes. Access to validated independent testing labs is also essential to provide third party verification of quality prior to distribution and sale.

Note that while the techniques used in cannabis testing are widespread, it takes extensive experience and investment in validating testing methods and equipment before accurate results can be obtained, so recognised specialist cannabis testing laboratories are essential. Access to reference standards, methods, and experienced personnel are also required.

Cannabis testing laboratories follow quality systems outlined in ISO 17025.

ISO 17025 aims to provide requirements for a laboratory to be competent in its activities. It covers testing, calibration and sampling using standard methods, non-standard methods, and laboratory- developed methods.

Medical Cannabis GxP: Good Practices for Medical Cannabis

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