Medical Cannabis Quality Statement

Rhizo Sciences Medical Cannabis Quality Statement

Our Commitment to Quality Medical Cannabis

Rhizo Sciences is a company that is focused on patient needs and the natural therapeutic potential of the cannabis plant. We pride ourselves on excellence in the manufacturing of safe, affordable, accessible cannabis medicines of known potency and purity.

We recognise that to ensure the natural benefits of cannabis reach patients in a safe, affordable and consistent way it is necessary to implement modern manufacturing quality and safety programs as developed for herbal medicines, pharmaceutical drugs and functional foods.

For this reason we have developed cannabis production and manufacturing standards designed to meet recognised international safety and quality guidelines.

Our company has a commitment to continuous improvement so our products consistently meet the needs of patients and our supply chain customers and comply with safety regulations and requirements for medical cannabis, herbal medicines and pharmaceutical products.

With this commitment to quality, we will:

  • Produce safe, consistent cannabis derived medicines of known potency and purity
  • Improve patient access to affordable cannabis derived medicines
  • Develop the science and evidence for cannabis derived medicines
  • Accelerate the advancement of science in the hemp/cannabis industry as a whole
  • Develop environmentally sustainable enterprises and industry
  • Develop wealth and prosperity for our clients, investors, team and communities
  • Develop cannabis industry trade, cooperation and development internationally
  • Create high value jobs, industries and projects that enrich the community
  • Develop supply chain integrity, security, quality and transparency
  • Educate medical professionals on the benefits and science of medical cannabis
  • Work to redress the stigma and oppression of cannabis and hemp in the past

We achieve this through implementation of Good Practices for Medical Cannabis:

Medical Cannabis GxP: Good Practices for Medical Cannabis