Rhizo Sciences Hemp and Cannabis Projects

Rhizo Sciences is based in Seattle, Washington and consults on, designs and develops large scale cannabis and hemp projects internationally.

Completed projects then become part of our international cannabis production network.

We typically work with investor backed medical cannabis producers, medical clinics and brands.

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New Zealand Hemp and Medical Cannabis

Hikurangi Enterprises approached Rhizo Sciences to help them plan their medical cannabis project, raise capital, attain their license and establish sales pipelines. In 2017 they had completed a successful industrial hemp grow and in 2018 hope to grow medical cannabis in New Zealand.

Rhizo Sciences is working with leading NZ hemp and cannabis companies to develop a high value sustainable industry in the region.

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African Medical Cannabis and Hemp

Medi Kingdom Holdings approached Rhizo Sciences to help them develop an export industry in Lesotho, Africa. Rhizo Sciences was instrumental in helping them attain Africa’s first medical cannabis production and export license and permits, and in exporting the first medical cannabis from Africa.

Medi Kingdom began growing their first crop in 2016 in the Mountain Kingdom of Lesotho, well known for its high quality cannabis growing environment.

Rhizo Sciences is working on several large scale investor funded African cannabis and hemp projects in collaboration with pharmaceutical, agricultural and government groups.

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