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Rhizo Sciences Medical Cannabis, Hemp and CBD industry services

Rhizo Sciences is a medical cannabis company specialising in naturally produced pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis products. Based in Seattle, Washington, we operate internationally in legal medical cannabis markets in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa and North America.

We participate directly in the cannabis industry and also offer extensive ancillary services which allow us to partner with large scale commercial producers, processors and distributors.

Our agile approach and global reach allow us to ensure quality and integrity throughout the supply chain internationally in both medical cannabis and hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD). Our goal is to develop naturally produced, pharmaceutical grade, and full spectrum cannabis products of known potency and purity, without over-capitalising in expensive infrastructure.

Medical Cannabis Consulting Services

Rhizo Sciences provides medical cannabis, hemp and CBD consulting services including:

  • Medical Cannabis Project Feasibility Studies
  • Cultivation: Indoor, Greenhouse and Outdoor, specialising in automated hydroponic systems
  • Medical Cannabis Processing, Extraction and Distillation
  • Capital Raising, where we advise on business plans, pitch decks, and investor strategy
  • Supply Chain integrity, provenance and compliance
  • Product sourcing, distribution and storage
  • International Import and Export including cannabis, hemp and CBD
  • Manufacturing compliance, including GxP throughout the supply chain

GAP Cannabis Cultivation

Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) are quality management guidelines for the production of medical cannabis in indoor, greenhouse and outdoor settings.

Rhizo Sciences has developed internal GAP guidelines for medical cannabis to ensure international export quality production in it’s facilities.

We design, build and manage GAP cannabis cultivation facilities, and distribute GAP standard cannabis flower products internationally.

GMP Cannabis Processing and Manufacturing

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a quality management guideline applied to manufacturing processes to ensure safe and consistent production of cannabis medicines of known potency and purity.

Rhizo Sciences has developed internal GMP guidelines for medical cannabis to ensure safe and effective medicines which can be exported worldwide from it’s facilities.

GMP Cannabis Herbal Processing

We design, build and manage GMP cannabis herbal processing facilities to produce standardised dried herbal products such as flower, granulated flower, capsules and pre-rolled joints.

We also distribute dried herbal wholesale cannabis internationally including granulated flower, flower, trim and hemp flower and hemp biomass products.

GMP Cannabis Extraction

Rhizo Sciences specialises in design, development and management of GMP Cannabis Extraction facilities including medical cannabis and high CBD hemp extraction.

We focus on food grade and pharmaceutical grade GMP cannabis extraction and work with industry leaders such as Thar Process with extensive experience in the cannabis industry as well as large scale food, nutraceutical, botanical and pharmaceutical extraction processes.

We also distribute cannabis and hemp extracts including cannabis oil, distillate, isolate, and API grade cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, THCV etc.

GMP Cannabis Isolation and Purification

Manufacturing high quality cannabis medicines requires the use of standardised ingredients such as high purity full spectrum oil, distillate and purified isolate.

Cannabis APIs are manufactured under GMP conditions to ensure known provenance, purity and consistency.

Rhizo Sciences specialises in design, development and management of GMP Cannabis Distillation, Isolation and Purification systems for the purpose of producing cannabis Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

We also distribute API grade cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, CBG, THCV etc.

GMP Cannabis Derived Medicine Manufacture

GMP Finished Cannabis Medicines ensure consistency, safety and quality of cannabis products delivered to patients.

Production of finished medicines containing cannabinoids must comply with medical cannabis quality and legal compliance as well as normal Good Manufacturing Processes used for the relevant finished product form.

Rhizo Sciences consults on product formulation, manufacturing processes, systems and facilities for cannabis-derived medicines.

Medical Cannabis Product Sourcing and Supply

We specialise in sourcing and supply of wholesale medical cannabis, hemp and CBD products including flower, cannabis oil, distillate and CBD isolate. Where possible we offer food grade or pharmaceutical grade products with GMP compliance and follow Good Distribution Practice (GDP) for Medical Cannabis.

Medical Cannabis Facility Design and Development

Developing compliant cannabis production and processing facilities is highly specialised.

Our team of specialists and turnkey solutions can help you fast track your commercial cannabis facility.